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My Path


After studying Guitar Making at the Cégep du Vieux Montréal for three years, I set up shop at the Collectif de Luthier La Corde. Since then, I have focused my efforts on building top-of-the-line electric guitars. To achieve that, I've learned many skills and technique like wood carving, the use of metallic pigments and, most recently, gilding. Recently, I've been nomimated Finalist for the Prix François Houdé 2023.

William Parent Senez Luthier



Since I've started building guitars, I've strived to bring something truly unique to guitar making. I have no interest in copying the same guitar designs over and over. My goal is to elevate the electric guitar beyond the status of a mere manufactured object.

 My electric guitar model, the Psari, is a kind of ambassador of this philosophy. It's during the process of creating this guitar model that I have acquired many of the skills and technique that makes my craft unique


I believe that the best way to innovate in is craft is to go looking for inspiration out of it. I've been interested in design, architecture visual arts and much more. When trying to apply concept that are not specific to guitar making, I am giving myself the possibility of seeing what it could become. That said, experience taught me that some things are not worth changing. but I also learned that without experimentation, there is no progress.

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